Will there be physical changes to the site prior to Land Use being granted?

There will be no changes or alterations whatsoever to the land parcel prior to Land Use or Development Permit (DP) being approved.  Land Use changes are there to regulate legislatively through the municipal authority the definition of what can be eventually built on this site, and broadly define the character of the allowed uses and nature of the construction.  Any potential development would later require an application for a Development Permit, which would determine the exact nature of what is proposed to be constructed, while ensuring that all City regulations, building and safety codes are carefully adhered to, together with a fully developed construction plan. There are three portions to this site: 1) the existing orchard, which will remain and will be gradually enhanced to improve the agricultural activity on site; 2) the water zone in front of the existing orchard, which will accommodate the proposed marina; and 3) the uplands (west of Campbell Road), where the proposed development will meet all City of West Kelowna approval processes for land use, development permit, and building permit stages.

Is the proposed development at Blackmun Bay considered a High-Rise development?

The Webster definition of high rise is a multi-storey building with an elevator. High rise building, sometimes referred to as ‘skyscrapers’, are defined by the 1968 Building Code as buildings that are higher than 75 feet from grade level. The more modern definition of ‘High Rise’ buildings are ‘building with an occupied floor located more than 75 feet (22,860 mm) above the lowest level of fire department vehicle access’. In current industry terms, a High Rise would be any multi-story structure between 35–100 meters tall, or a building that features 12–39 (or more) floors / storeys.  Although the original fall 2017 application proposed a maximum building height of 15 storeys, the concept for the project has been revised in response to public input, and comments from Council members and Administration. The revised application being considered calls for buildings with maximum height of nine (9) storeys from grade.  Given that West Kelowna already has buildings approved and constructed that are six (6) storeys, the addition of three more storeys would keep the proposed project within the mid-rise range of buildings, especially as it is embedded into the cliff.

What about the issue of Emergency evacuation access?

Given the existing nature of Campbell Road as the main access to Casa Loma and the Blackmun Bay site, a secondary Emergency-only road and other options for emergency use is being considered, which would allow for an evacuation of pedestrian and emergency vehicular traffic to Lakeview Heights in the event of an emergency only.  The plan details are currently being engineered, and no Development Permit would be issued until the details of such road have been fully resolved with the City of West Kelowna and the local communities.

How will Marina parking be handled?

The parking for the marina will be allocated for, and situated within, the uplands portion of the development and will be managed under a parking management arrangement that would utilize current technology and innovations. The Boat Launch for the Blackmun Bay marina would be controlled electronically, and no boat would be able to launch without first making the proper arrangements for parking that is off Campbell Road. 

How will traffic be affected on Campbell Road?

All development and addition of residential or commercial development will have addition of traffic.  However, the required Traffic Impact Assessment was completed for this proposal and the addition of traffic from this development to Campbell Road would be minimal and hardly impact the existing infrastructure.  Traffic mitigation techniques are being proposed and would be implemented to minimize impact prior to this development being completed and commissioned. There will be a complete construction management and traffic management plan created prior to any construction, which would address and mitigate any traffic issues.

What are the benefits to the City and residents of West Kelowna from this development?

This development is expected to bring in approximately $4.6 Million Dollars in Development Cost Charges (DCC’s) to the coffers of the City of West Kelowna, to be used for a variety of community enhancement projects.  In addition, this development is expected to generate over 700 direct construction jobs during the construction period, and once construction is completed, Blackmun Bay Village is expected to generate approximately $2.1 million dollars in property taxes each year, an amount that would significantly strengthen the City’s budget and ability to deliver on municipal services.

What are some of the amenities that this development will feature (once complete) that would benefit the surrounding area and nearby community residents?

This development will add a winery to the area, complete with a wine store and a bistro, as well as a full 241 slip marina, given the demand for moorage on the lake.  The upland (residential) development will also feature, restaurant, pub, coffee shops, personal services shops, and yoga and exercise facilities, which would serve not only the buildings’ residents, but also cater to the nearby community residents.