WELCOME to blackmun bay

A beautifully designed lakefront community in West Kelowna.

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We aspire to become West Kelowna’s most iconic residential landmark.

Our intention is to build a project that the community can be proud of, one that adds value for visitors and residents alike. The development will be characterized by remarkable architecture and luxury residential units, with thoughtfully kept landscaping and commercial service amenities that will serve the development’s residents, as well as the surrounding neighbourhoods.

Blackmun Bay is envisioned not only as a residential address, but also as a community on its own. We hope to create something truly special for the City of West Kelowna, where people can come together to share an active and social lifestyle with a community feel, premium design, and quality living.

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Project Highlights

A development integrated into the natural landscape.

Nestled into the hillside on the shores of Lake Okanagan, the development will feature multi-family residential units with modern design, premium fixtures, and valued shared amenities. Units will be constructed in both townhome and condominium style, and will feature breathtaking views of the Lake and the Marina. The project is envisioned as a comprehensively designed lakefront community. This development will feature a 241 slip marina, a working orchard/vineyard and restaurant, and a variety of personal service establishments.

It is the goal of the development team to integrate the construction appropriately with the local community’s longstanding values and commitment towards conservation of the natural setting. We seek to utilize a low-impact and environmentally friendly built-form that minimizes disturbance to the property and neighbourhood.


16.8 Acre
Lakefront Community






Luxury Hotel


241 Slip


60% of Property
Preserved as Natural Area and Orchard/Vineyard



We care about
our neighbours.

Blackmun Bay Developments cares about first impressions. We strive to be a good neighbour and member of this community. We know that positive relationships are built on a strong foundation of trust and openness.

We hope to consult with, listen to, and consider the opinions of all neighbours and residents of West Kelowna as we move forward. We hope that you share our vision and optimism for growth as a community. Our shared commitment to sustainable development and the preservation of West Kelowna’s magnificent views, gorgeous lakeshore, and laid back feel, will go along way toward ensuring this project is able to achieve something spectacular.

Blackmun Bay Developments LLP welcome your feedback, suggestions, and questions. Please feel free to get in touch with us!



We are committed to working with the community to build a lasting legacy for West Kelowna.

The initially proposed concept included three fifteen storey towers plus a similarly tall hotel. After the consultation period and feedback from variety of stakeholders, city planners, and the community, this development has now been modified to propose three residential towers of nine storeys (maximum of six storeys above the parkade structure), as well as a similarly sized hotel.

Our townhome footprint has also been reduced to three storeys tall units only. Amendments have been made to the marina plan to remove the commercial area and to focus on maintaining the agricultural nature of the orchard, while adding a proposed bistro and wine store.

Blackmun Bay Revised Renderings - March 15-2019 #1.jpg


Blackmun Bay Revised Renderings - March 15-2019 #4.jpg

Updated Development CONCEPT: February 2019



Built on the shores of West Kelowna.

The development is planned for 2211 Campbell Road. Its northern edge sits at the boundary between the City of Kelowna and the Westbank First Nation.