March 2017

  • Maximum Building Height: 15 storeys

  • Density: 216 dwelling units, 86 townhomes, 180 room hotel

  • Parking: 18 surface parking stalls, 776 underground parking stalls

  • Foreshore: Public beach, Floating play structure

  • Marina: 241 boat slips, Floating village, Floating commercial area

Blackmun Bay Revised Renderings - March 15-2019 #1.jpg


May 2019

  • Maximum Building Height: 9 storeys

  • Density: has been reduced by overall 15% from original application

  • Parking: within the underground structure, including dedicated truck and trailer parking

  • Foreshore: Natural beach area

  • Marina: 241 boat slips


Land Use Process Update

February 2019

The applicant held a set of Open House sessions on February 5, 7, 15 and 16, 2019. Approximately 100 West Kelowna residents attended the various sessions. Overall, community members have been receptive to the proposed development as revised by the applicant since the original submission of the application. Active discussions were held and feedback was given on a variety of issues, and subsequently the developer has modified the application to reflect the issues of concern which were expressed by the residents from the adjacent communities.

January 2019

As per Council’s January 8th, 2019 directions for further public consultations, the Developer has now scheduled four Open House / Community Consultation sessions which will be held in February.  At those sessions, there will be in attendance members of the Landstar team and representatives from our various consultants, to answer any questions, and to seek constructive feedback from members of the community regarding this proposed development (see Notice for dates below). We will also have ‘Feedback forms’ available for the public to provide their written comments. We look forward to continuing a constructive and positive process, after receiving comments, feedback, and good advice from the community.

June 2018

On June 26th, 2018, West Kelowna City Council has passed First Reading of the CD8 Bylaws (File: Z17-07) and directed that this application be referred to Public Hearing.  On October 20th, a new Mayor and Council was elected in West Kelowna.

February 2018

On January 17th, 2018 the application was heard by the City of West Kelowna Advisory Planning Commission, followed by a First Reading of the Amendment by City Council on February 13, 2018.  At the hearing, Council unanimously voted to support the application for the Amendment to the OCP and made positive comments about the ‘Landmark’ nature of this development proposal and welcomed the opportunity to significantly increase its tax base. 

September 2017

In September 2017, Blackmun Bay Limited Partnership, applied for an Amendment to the Official Community Plan (OCP – Change of Land Use) which has been in place for the past 7 years.  The OCP is a comprehensive plan to guide future land use and address related needs for amenities, services, and infrastructure support. The OCP operates in conjunction with the Zoning Bylaw and other municipal bylaws, and guides City Council as they consider zoning changes.


Current Development Plan

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